Saturday, May 9, 2015

Quinault pronunciation

Q: I was looking for a Quinault pronunciation guide on your website but there doesn't seem to be one. Can you please tell me how an upside down e and a c with an apostrophe over it are supposed to be pronounced in Quinault?

AUnfortunately there are still several languages we have not been able to prepare pronunciation guides for. We do not have any native speakers of Quinault in our organization; however, normally, in Salishan languages, "ə" is pronounced like the short "uh" sound in "about," and "c" with an apostrophe above or right next to it is pronounced like the "ts" in "cats" only with a catch in your throat right after it.

Quinault appears to use this same system. Here is a website from the Quinault tribal school demonstrating the pronunciation of several Quinault words.

Hope that is what you were looking for. Have a good day!

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